Share-VDE (BETA)

What's new in Share-VDE 2.0

Version of the system: 2.0.0

As of 20th September the data of the following institutions is available on Share-VDE entity discovery portal:

  • Stanford University Libraries bibliographic data subset
  • Library of Congress authority data

The loading of data from Share-VDE libraries will be progressively completed.

Main features

  1. Simple search, including
    1. Exact match suggestions
    2. Explanation of search results
    3. Wikidata descriptions
    4. Fast loading of results when you click on a list item
  2. Advanced sesarch, including searching for:
    1. Agents of any type
    2. People
    3. Organizations
    4. Families
    5. Original works or publications
    6. Original works
    7. Publications
  3. Entity pages (Agent, Original work, Publication, first version of Item)
    1. Showing images from wikimedia
    2. Showing summaries from wikidata
    3. Showing descriptions from wikipedia
  4. Set up automatic authentication token workflow
  5. Optimisation of accessibility features, including
    1. Testing keyboard navigation support and adding keyboard shortcuts
    2. Adding relevant ARIA-tags to the system
    3. Allowing users to make the typeface bolder
    4. Allowing users to choose dark, high-contrast and color-blindness themes
  6. Optimisation of the system to prepare for a better Curation experience for the future J.Cricket Cluster Knowledge Base entity editor, including
    1. Ability to turn on a wider layout, in order to see much more metadata on one screen
    2. Ability to let the user turn on entity IDs to be displayed in the user interface